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Do you sometimes have days where your mind isn’t fully ‘on the job’, where your attention is scattered or where stress and pressure is taking a toll?  Do you have a sense that if you were able to maintain a clear mind and stay focussed on the things that are most important to you that you might achieve more of your potential, both at work and outside of work and at the same time achieve a better life balance?

Establishing an Everyday Mindfulness lifestyle will enable you to achieve balance, peak performance and perspective.  Sign up and learn to use your brain in a way that helps you slow things down in a crazy world, manage busy-ness, maintain focus on the most important things in your life and maintain perspective.   This course will help you to develop your ‘attention muscle’ and improve your ‘mind fitness’ through gentle daily Mindfulness exercises.  You will be introduced to Mindfulness meditation along with Everyday Mindfulness strategies that you can use ‘on the go’ in your everyday life.

This course will ground you in “The Basics” of Everyday Mindfulness through short, simple and practical steps to help you establish a daily Mindfulness practice.   These skills are foundational for reaching your potential, maintaining a clear mind and improving your EQ.

If you are new to Mindfulness, you will learn all that you will need to help you establish a daily Mindfulness meditation practice, starting with just 5 minutes per day of meditation and the powerful Everyday Mindfulness strategies will be explained in easy-to-understand terms.

If you have attempted to establish a daily mindfulness meditation practice in the past, but haven’t managed to maintain this habit, learning a step-by step process to implement a daily Mindfulness routine, drawing on sound psychological research,  while also getting support and encouragement from Angela,  will help you to ‘crack it’ this time around.  I am happy to answer questions and offer suggestions that will help you to be successful. No question is a dumb or silly question.  Let me help you to overcome any challenges you may find along the way as you make daily Mindfulness meditation and Everyday Mindfulness practices a part of your life.

Is it really possible to learn Mindfulness on-line?

Yes!  Mindfulness can be very effectively learnt on-line.  The benefits of doing The Change Academy on-line course include that you can go back and re-listen to parts that either puzzled you or that particularly interested you, and if you wish you can download and keep all the audio recordings for future reference.  You have the flexibility of ‘attending’ (watching the videos) at a time that suits you and so don’t need to be concerned about ‘missing a session’ as you would if you were attending a local ‘face-to-face’ course.  And you are able to ask questions at any time during the course, and don’t need to feel embarrassed about putting your hand up in front of a class!

This course is for you if …

–       You want to create more balance in your life

–       You want to achieve more focus and more perspective

–       You are able to put aside approximately 30 minutes per week to listen to the presentations, and more importantly, to put aside time each day (starting at 5 minutes a day and increasing to 20 minutes a day) for meditation practice

–       You are ready and willing to commit to experimenting with the Everyday Mindfulness techniques (which take from a few seconds to a few minutes at a time) several times (ideally multiple times) each day ‘on the go’.  You don’t need to set aside time for these, just be willing to incorporate them into your daily life, even in the midst of your busy-ness.  These techniques enable us to translate the principles of Mindfulness into our everyday lives and thus establish a Mindfulness life-style

–      You are able to put aside some time each day to reflect on your use of Mindfulness during the day and what you have noticed and learnt from this experience.  This will enable you to get more from this course, and from your daily practice.

Mindfulness course for calm and relaxation


What will you get on The 28-day ‘Everyday Mindfulness Habit’ Kick-Starter course?

Duration:  28 days (plus an additional 4 weeks access to all of the course material at the end of the 28 days)

  • Supportive and helpful guidance as you establish a daily Mindfulness habit – both daily meditation and daily use of helpful and practical ‘Everyday Mindfulness’ strategies that you can easily implement ‘on the go’ in your everyday life.
  • Ongoing support and encouragement and answers to your questions from Angela, via the Discussion Forum
  • Four Units, drip-fed.  Each unit includes approximately 30 minutes of video presentations (voice-over-power-point).  Watch at a time that suits you.
  • New guided meditations in each Unit, for you to use for your daily meditation practice (including downloadable mp3 files)
  • Additional Resources to help you embed your new Mindfulness Habit:
    • A downloadable workbook which includes a summary of main points from each presentation, details of all the Everyday Mindfulness exercises , plus journaling pages to record your own learnings and reflections
    • A downloadable planner for you to track your progress through the course and record your completed meditations and exercises
  • New Everyday Mindfulness strategies to focus on each week
  • Links to many useful web resources and articles
  • A community of like-minded people who are keen to learn about Mindfulness and personal development – share your questions, successes and comments through the Discussion Forum on the course platform.
  • Topics:
    • 1. Getting Started with Mindfulness
    • 2. Building a Daily Mindfulness Habit
    • 3. Learning to Be in the Present Moment and Return to the Present Moment
    • 4. Maintaining Awareness and Focus In The Midst Of Distracting And Unhelpful Thoughts.
  • A gentle approach to introducing daily meditations into your life, starting with 5 minute guided meditations once or twice a day, increasing to 20 minutes a day.
  • $59 NZ

The 28-day ‘Everyday Mindfulness Habit’ Kick-starter Course plus Coaching option:

  • All of the above plus
  • 4 x 40 minute 1:1 skype coaching sessions at times that suit both of us. If you are interested in this option, please contact me by email to find out whether I have available times that will work for you
  • $350
  • Limited to maximum of 4 people at any one time.  Please email Angela to enquire about this option.


Mindfulness on-line course support and collaboration

Angela’s Signature Training ‘Style’

Angela has over 20 years of experience as a workshop facilitator and counsellor, and is a registered Counselling Psychologist.

Angela’s courses are known for

·         Her friendly and approachable manner

·         Her practical, step-by-step approach when teaching skills

·         Her emphasis on what is practical and do-able

·         Her ability to explain theory and research in easy-to-understand terms and in an interesting way

Testimonials from Previous On-line Courses

Angela was contracted by the N.Z. Veterinary Association in 2015 to run an on-line course for veterinarians throughout New Zealand.  This on-line course loosely followed the structure of a workshop series she had been running for 3 years at Massey University called ‘Mindfulness for Academic Success’.  The Massey workshop was developed by Monash University and was offered with their permission.  As with her other Mindfulness courses, this course very much focuses on ‘Everyday Mindfulness’ strategies and embedding Mindfulness into your life as a habit.  It continues to receive fantastic feedback from participants (both staff and students).

 Below are some testimonials from the N.Z. Veterinary Association on-line course “Mindfulness: Helping you thrive in your veterinary work”.

 Please bear in mind when reading the testimonials below that this course incorporated modules on Mindfulness of emotions, stress management, self-care and procrastination  whereas the ‘Everyday Mindfulness Habit Kick-starter’ course doesn’t include these extra modules. Instead I will be offering separate courses on these additional topics at a later date.

“I found the mindfulness course very helpful in learning and understanding a lot about myself. I loved all of the simple everyday tools that you taught us that actually make a difference. What was also great was how it was tailored to our specific career. I would highly recommend your course to anyone. P.S. Your voice is so calming in the meditations too!”  Karen, vet, Auckland

“Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed the mindfulness course and feel I have gained a great deal from it. Being able to notice how I am thinking or reacting, to identify with stressful markers and un-useful thoughts has given great insight into myself and the ability to change the way I react to situations. I have been pleasantly surprised by the positive impact that adding short bursts of meditation has had on my energy levels, my happiness, my sense of humour and my relationship. I already perceive myself as a very happy, enthusiastic and hard working person, so I do not, and hopefully will not suffer from burn-out, emotional fatigue or depression. Having said that, this course has highlighted some subtle habits/ thought processes that I have that I now do not find useful and would like to change. With these tips and tricks and mindfulness methods I have plenty of tools to work with for life that will only enhance and prolong my positivity, happiness and health, and further strengthen the relationship I have with my partner, family, friends and colleagues. I am very grateful. Thank you Angela :)”   Rebecca, Veterinarian

“I found this course very useful in terms of explaining and describing some of the reasons behind why we can end up feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It has taught me techniques that I now use in my daily life to ‘bridge’ me from a stressed response to things, to a calm and creative response to the situations that previously would perhaps have overwhelmed me. I use the breathing techniques to help me relax and have a clear brain. My bosses have all noticed an increase in my comfort, confidence and production since I began working with these new techniques and attitudes at the forefront of my mind.” Vet, Waikato

“Learning to be more present in the moment is helping me to decrease my stress levels and focus on the now. What has surprised me in this is that I am seeing and hearing things I never have before, even in the same environment I sit in every day. I particularly enjoyed the procrastination piece, and ‘just doing it for 5 minutes’ had me ticking many boxes that had been left open for a long time; I had my tetanus booster which was OVERDUE by 15 years and booked my mammogram which is overdue by 2 years, all in the space of a few hours.  Just doing these 2 things gives me a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind and makes me wonder why I have put them off for so long!”  Toni, Veterinarian

“This course’s structure was clear, and its content a good mix of science and philosophy. It provided an excellent training environment in which to learn about, and practice with, important tools of psychological self-care. The information about stress physiology as it interacts with psychological function, and how to break the negative feedback loop, should be compulsory in schools, repeated in more specific contexts throughout university, and built into people-management standards in all workplaces. Topics progress logically, building on what has gone before, and assignments stimulate personal reflections which bring new awareness of unhelpful subconscious behaviours/beliefs underlying one’s stress. Signing up is one small step. Those which follow make for a fascinating journey.” Elizabeth, Veterinarian


Mindfulness meditation for peace and to free the mind

The Power of Mindfulness

Over the past 30 or so years, since Mindfulness has been introduced into the fields of medicine, counselling and psychology, hundreds of thousands of people who would not otherwise have been introduced to these ideas have received immense benefits from them.

Research shows that the benefits of Mindfulness training and practice include:

  • Improvement in concentration, creativity and productivity and reduction of procrastination
  • Increased calmness and increased ability to manage stress
  • Effective treatment for anxiety, depression, addictions, and eating disorders

For these reasons and more, many major companies provide Mindfulness training to their employees – companies such as Apple, Google, Goldman Sachs Group, Aetna, Prentice Hall Publishing, Nike, Yahoo and Deutsche Bank.

For me personally, I would describe the benefits as including – the ability to put things into perspective more easily, more easily let less important things go, remain more ‘on an even keel’, be more ‘present’ in my relationships, and more compassionate with myself and others.  Mindfulness helps us to ‘come back to ourselves’ – to accept and value ourselves as we are, to see the good in ourselves and others and to cope with life’s difficult challenges with greater strength and equanimity.

So, given all the benefits, who wouldn’t want to learn these powerful techniques and practices?  Invest in this Everyday Mindfulness course for both your own personal development and your professional development.

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