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Effective Change in Life’s  Challenging Arenas

Are you wanting to improve your skills in self-management, relationships, reducing stress and anxiety, managing stress-related health issues, reducing procrastination and improving work-life balance?

Change is constant – we see this all around us. And yet sometimes when we want to make changes, change seems very challenging or even impossible. I really hope that The Change Academy will be able to help you with important life and wellbeing challenges you wish to work on.

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Coaching for Workplace Success

Wellbeing, Resilience, Productivity  and Effective Communication


Coaching for Personal Change

Wellbeing, Anxiety and Stress Management, Confidence and Self-esteem, Mindfulness


For counsellors, psychologist, other health and helping professionals and managers


Mindfulness for Everyday Life

A six-week on-line course

Finding Your "Off-switch"

Turning off  worry thoughts and guilt

Full-day workshop 9am –  4.30pm

2018 dates yet to be announced


Mindfulness for Everyday Life

5 week Workshop – Palm Nth

2018 dates yet to be announced





Building Resilience and Managing Stress

The “Defrag Action Plan” and the  “Upward Spiral Action Plan” Online Courses coming SOON

Watch this space

Our Blogs

Mud, Gratitude and Awe

Scientists have now proven that in a number of important respects following the teachings of ancient wisdom traditions can lead to improved physical and mental health – and in fact can improve our overall happiness.  And in particular, gratitude and awe have been...

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Stress … It’s Doing My Head In

Feeling a bit like you’ve just got too much going on at once?  Too much pressure?  Too many people making demands on your time or your peace of mind?  And feeling like you just can’t think straight, get perspective, work out where to start? And possibly, as a result...

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Just Breathe … Diaphragmatically

Just Breathe … Diaphragmatically - It’s Life Changing In my opinion, diaphragmatic breathing is the number one, must learn, must-do strategy for dealing with stress and anxiety.  Just breathing diaphragmatically is life changing. Why Is Diaphragmatic Breathing So...

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8 Reasons Why Mindfulness is a No-Brainer

Mindfulness has become a very popular practice for improving wellness, happiness, focus and productivity. Many major companies including Google, Target, Aetna, Proctor Gamble, Reebok, Starbucks, Unilever, to name a few, provide mindfulness programmes for their...

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We are here to help

The Change Academy will help you to achieve the changes you want to make. We will help you to identify and take the small and achievable steps that will take you confidently and surely to a better quality of life. And we will encourage and support you along the way, as you achieve greater progress than you would have thought possible.
Learning how to make the changes we want to make is important. Equally important is learning to accept and value ourselves ‘just as we are’. Paradoxically, acceptance is a vital and effective foundation for change.   The Change Academy programmes focus on increasing self-compassion and fostering your self-esteem and confidence, ‘just as you are’ while at the same time focusing on effective strategies for creating new habits and patterns that will improve your quality of life.
The Change Academy approach aims to get beneath the surface of change, finding solutions to the ‘trip-ups’ that may have had you giving up on attempts to change in the past. Our Power Tools of Change are a winning combination of psychological research and practice and practical common-sense. And we deliver our information and techniques to you in ‘bite-sized chunks’

We hope you will enjoy what we have to offer by tapping into our blogs, and we’ll soon be adding on-line courses.